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OfferDaddy Android SDK Surveys Wall

The first part is exactly the same as for the OfferWall. Look at the bottom for the specific instruction to call the Surveys Wall.

Let's suppose you have an activity named DemoActivity

Create 3 variables holding your APP_KEY, APP_TOKEN and USER_ID, like this:

public static final String DADDY_APP_KEY = "Your App Key Goes Here";
public static final String DADDY_USER_ID = "Your UNIQUE user id Goes Here";
public static final String DADDY_APP_TOKEN = "Your APP Token Goes Here";

You can find the values for your APP KEY and APP TOKEN in your OfferDaddy's Publisher control panel: Go to Apps(Offerwall), select your App and (in the far right), click the "Integrate" orange button.

For your unique USER_ID you can use whatever you want, as long as a unique string for every user (always the same for the same user). Usually, you will use Google Advertising ID (GAID).


Then, usually in the onCreate method of your DemoActivity, Initialize the SDK:



Then whenever you want to call the Surveys Wall just call: