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API Documentation

Our API is a simple medium to get all our offers programmatically, so you can easily display those that fit your business requirements to your users

Calling the API


  • [YOUR_APP_KEY] (required): is the unique APP KEY associated with the App you created in our platform
  • platform (required): Target device type you want the offers to match. Valid commands are: mobile | computer
  • country (required): The target country you want offers for. Valid values are country two letters ISO code, for example us, gb, ca, etc
  • device (required if platform is mobile): Valid values are iphone | ipad | android
  • USER_ID (optional): Will retrieve offers specifically for this USER ID. This is, as the others, a GET parameter.

    So, a url using all the parameters will look like this:[YOUR_APP_KEY]/?platform=mobile&country=us&device=android&USER_ID=Michael90210

    API Response

    The API replies with a JSON object containing the following values:

  • offer_id
  • offer_name
  • offer_desc
  • call_to_action
  • offer_url: this is your tracking link
  • payout: this is what you receive as a publisher in USD
  • amount: this is what "your user" receives in the currency of the App you've created, for example: Points, Coins, Satoshi, etc
  • image_url: the offer image
  • countries: Array of countries ISO codes where the offer is allowed to run
  • platform
  • category: Array of our categories for the offer, for example: Video, Survey, etc
  • device: the target device for the offer, in case it is a mobile request, for example: ipad, android, iphone