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Create an APP

The fundamental unit inside our system are APPs, that is a set of data that describes how we reward you and you, in turn, to your users.

An APP "may" be a Mobile App, but it does not necessarily have to be a Mobile App, it could be any website, or platform.

How to Create an App ?

After you sign up and confirm your email, you can login at Publisher Login

Please enter your email and password to login.

Once you're loged in you will be taken immediately to your dashboard:

This is your own personal War Room, from here you can see in real time what's going on with your Account!

Please see the red arrow pointing to the Apps Menu. Click it. You will see something like the following:

This is your Apps Overview section. Please notice the red circle. That's where you need to click next: Add App.

Once you click on Add App, you will be presented with the next screen:

Please read the following explanation of each field to know what to put in that form

  1. App or Game Name: Give your APP a name easy to remember for you.
  2. App Type: Select what type of APP is yours. Is it web based ? Is it a Mobile App? Other?.
  3. What Incentive You Offer?: What kind of incentive do you give your users ?
  4. App's Currency Name: The name of your virtual currency, for example Points, Coins, etc.
  5. App's URL: The URL of Your App.
  6. App's Value (How much is U$S 1 in your Currency ): How much of your Currency is worth $USD 1 ? For example if every 500 Coins is worth $1, here you shuould enter 500. The minimum recommended value is 40. If your currency is USD, for example, don't enter here something like 0.50 because you will see almost all offers as 0 value. Instead name your currency "Cents" and give this field a value of 50. Please contact support [at] for any questions.
  7. App's Postback: The Internet URL where we should send you notifications when your users completes an action (Conversion).


Hit the Add App blue button and your app should be added to our system. Once that's done, you should see your app in the App's Overview section:

Important: Please wait up to 5 minutes before you're app is added to our servers.

Your new app is ready to start showing our offerwall.

Please go to next section: Integrate the OfferWall