Our Terms & Conditions

At Offerdaddy we provide web services that allow users to either earn or purchase virtual currency. Users are enabled to earn virtual currency from online games and applications by completing surveys, watching videos and/or engaging with brands.

Honesty is one of our core values, so that we pay real attention to details at the time of selecting the offers we promote and the advertisers we endorse. That´s why we can guarantee your users will engage only with honest merchants through OfferDaddy. In order to have a long and healthy commercial relationship, we expect equal fairness from you. Please respect the following rules so you can continue taking advantage of the best quality offers.

1. Avoid Fraudulent Activities

It´s the publisher responsibility to monitor their apps in order to prevent fraud. Offerdaddy reserves the right to ban any publisher´s accounts in the case of fraud. Simultaneously, we will charge back any fraudulent commissions earned. It´s is strictly forbidden to use proxy servers as well as any kind of double-dealing actions intended to fake the completion of an offer.

It´s our responsibility to audit all of our Publisher´s traffic in order to keep with our high standards of loyalty and honesty with our clients. On a daily basis we will fight against fraudulent actions, and will immediately and permanently ban from our network any accounts found doing blatant fraudulent activities. Needless to say that fraudulent conversions will certainly not be compensated.

2. Payment Procedures

We are committed to make payments effective by the 1st business day of each month. Our Publishers will find their earned commissions credited to their PayPal or bank accounts, respectively. Commissions are credited once a month on a net-30 basis. PayPal and bank accounts are valid means of payment, and the minimum payout threshold is of $50 and $200, for PayPal and bank accounts respectively.

3. Applicable Taxes

It´s our Publishers exclusive responsibility to take any required actions in relation to taxes. We, Offerdaddy, will not determine if taxes are applicable, nor calculate, collect, assess, report or submit any forms for our Publishers with respect to this matter.

4. Termination of Contract

It´s our right to end the relationship with any of our Publishers with or without cause, and at any time. The corresponding notice of termination has immediate effect. An email acts as sufficient proof of notification, and will be sent for this purpose.
The terminated contract enables the Publisher to receive the payout of all legitimate commissions earned due up to the time of termination. This amount will be scheduled in the payment cycle corresponding to the next month of the termination date.

If Offerdaddy data logs reflects blatant fraudulent activities from any Publisher, no payments (past of future) will be made by Offerdaddy to that deceitful Publisher.

5. Terms and Conditions Updates

We, Offerdaddy, have the exclusive right to update, improve, add, delete, revise, or amend any of these Terms at our own discretion. We suggest to periodically review this section as we are not required to send any prior or later notice of such changes.

6. About Offers Rewards

We are absolutely transparent and we pay for every conversion received. At random times, an advertier may decide at their sole discretion (or their clients) not to pay a conversion because of a number of different reasons such as duplicate conversions, proxies used, traffic type and a lot more causes. In this situation we may "still reward" the final user the commission (via the completion of our Claim Conversion form in the user's Account section), but this is at our sole discretion and judgement, that we do as an act of goodwill to our publishers, because we have not received a payment for this conversion. But again, this is at our sole discretion, we may or may NOT reward the end user (if we have not received a reward for the said conversion).

If you should need further information or have any queries regarding our Terms and Conditions, please contact us at support@offerdaddy.com.